Truth about MyFreePaysite

When I first saw MyFreePaysite's ads I figured it was bullshit. I mean really, who gives away free porn? The site is a simple page with a minimalistic style that promised to give me tons of free HQ porn and has a form for e-mail subscription. I thought it was just one more fucking trick by spammers who are hunting for honest people's email to fill it with up with ads about Viagra and penis enlargement.

But my curiosity overcame me, and I registered a new free email on Yahoo since I never believe phrases like "we never spam" and I signed up to MyFreePaysite.

5 minutes later I received an email containing a confirmation link.

I clicked on it and it gave me a login and password for MyFreePaysite.

Now that the registration was complete, I logged into the member's area. My first though was damn, these guys were not bullshitting! There was a simple minimalistic design (not strange for a free site) and links to hundreds of sites with free access for MyFreePaysite users.

I first chose a site named "The Babysitter" to start off my tour since I like teen girls. It was really cool. There was 27 sets each containing 3-4 movies ranging in length from 15 to 30 minutes, both in low and high quality, most of which I don't ever remember seeing on YouPorn or those other "Tube" sites. To be honest, I have to say that it wasn't HD quality(720p or 1080p), but it looked good enough to me on my cheap ass 1024x768 monitor. Then I discovered the actual HD section. You can check the quality on these screenshots:

MyFreePaysite contains many other cool sites inside with categories such as teen, anal, hardcore, amateur, bbw, bizzarre, cumshot, ebony, blowjob, preggo, voyeur and other niches. There is also a section with High Definition Movies with Dolby Surround 5.1. Here is a sample of them:

I even found hundreds of full length DVD quality movies:

They have a ton of great photo sets:

There are even streaming adult TV channels with real live girls (solo action mostly) - pretty fucking cool for a free site!!!

I thought for a long time, why is MyFreePaysite totally free? I think they earn enough money from advertising other sites, as you can find ads for other porn and webcam sites sprinkled throughout the site, but I think that is a cheap price to pay for FREE access to such nice archive of HQ and even HD (!!!) porn.

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